Benefits of Taking Vitacoll Gold on a regular basis.

Unlike anti inflammatories Vitacoll Gold is 100% natural and has no known detrimental side effects.

Over 80 % of our customers who use Vitacoll Gold on a regular basis find that it helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis and lets them carry on a more normal life.

Many customers, who had been given a general indication that their problem may be due to arthritis, report to us that they are cured. In these instances we believe that the problem was not arthritis but a joint problem or injury that Vitacoll Gold has helped to alleviate. If it was arthritis then it will probably return and a maintenance dose of Vitacoll Gold could help keep this at bay.

Side effects. As previously stated we know of no short or long term detrimental side effects. However we have had the following comments from customers. Some of which could be put down to the fact that due to the relief that Vitacoll Gold can bring to people that their general health is seemed to improve.

"I have been taking Vitacoll for more than three months now and it has really helped with my arthritis and my wife has noticed that my bald patch appears to have developed a fine coating of hair," Mr AW Luton Beds.

If you read the benefits from the Vitamins and Minerals in Vitacoll Gold along with the Collagen then you will see how this is possible.

"Thank you Vitacoll for helping me with my sore joints. I have been taking Vitacoll now for over 15 months and my friends say my skin and general appearance is looking younger is this possible" Mrs JM Manchester.

Once again the Vitamins and Minerals combined with the Collagen will assist in this area. In fact many companies do tablets containing Collagen for sale as an aid to improving skin condition but these only contain 750 mg of collagen as opposed to the full daily dose in Vitacoll Gold which contains 10.000 mg

"Having used Vitacoll for over two years I can confirm that in addition to bringing me great relief from serious joint problems that it has increased my libido to a man half my age. By the way I am now 60." Mr B B in Alicante Spain.

We have confirmation from the EU guidelines that some of the Vitamins and Minerals in Vitacoll Gold will assist with an increase in libido as well as increasing stamina.

Saving money with Vitacoll Gold. When you break down the constituents of Vitacoll Gold you would be saving overall because comparing prices even taking the full dose works out less than buying the constituent parts separately. For instance a top quality dose of Glucosamine would cost around £12.00 per month, an equivalent mixture of Vitamins and Minerals approximately £7.50 per month, Collagen we have seen advertised for only 500mg tablets at £34.50 per month and finally if you wanted to increase the good bacteria in your intestine you could well pay £0.50 pence per day or £15.00 per month.